I have SEND experience at a senior level in English Local Authority

Where I Want To Live is a new national Charity that has been established to promote the vision of a country where all adults with learning disabilities have choice about where and how they want to live.

Legislation says that adults with learning disabilities should have choice and control over their lives and we believe this should be so.

There is much evidence to suggest that this is not the case and we aim to provide resources and support to educate young adults and their support networks so that positive social change takes place, with choice and control becoming a reality.

We will empower young people with learning disabilities by providing information and options on where and how they might live in their adult lives.

Our key value is to be person centred, which includes recognition of the important role that personal and professional support networks play.

We recognise local authority professionals as integral to this and consider it essential that we have expert representation to help us achieve our objectives.

We are looking for Senior Local Authority personnel who have experience and knowledge of national policy and how it translates to local authority practices.

We hope to bring someone on board who is keen to be the voice of local authorities so we can be sure our charity aligns with strategy and operations. We are also keen to have guidance to develop and maintain a communications approach with Local Authorities as we expand.

If you would like to get involved we would love to hear from you.

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