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At Where I Want to Live we think that adults with learning disabilities should have choice about where and how they live.


The first thing we are doing is creating a toolkit that lots of people, who are aged between 14 and 35 years, can use.

The toolkit starts by finding out what people want.

It will help people to think about what they want.

It will encourage them to talk to other people about it.

It will offer suggestions about the options.


With help from lots of people we created and trialled the toolkit.

The trial was a success.

People told us that they think the toolkit is good and they gave us some ideas to make it better.


We now want to get the toolkit ready so that everyone can use it.

The toolkit will be free to use.


Before we can get the toolkit ready we need to make sure that lots of people will want to use it.

Please tell us if you think the toolkit is a good idea.