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Misra Varvil Meet the team. This week Misra shares with us why volunteering for Where I Want to Live is important to her…

Hello, let me introduce myself:

I am Misra Varvil and I am a 20-year-old student currently studying at Nottingham Trent University. I was introduced to Where I Want to Live when my mentor, Graeme (trustee of the charity), mentioned the start-up of a new charity that aims to give young adults with learning disabilities a choice of where and how they live. I was instantly interested because I was surprised that it was being suggested that there are so many people my age that don’t seem to have much choice when they are trying to shape their lives. Therefore, I wanted to volunteer to get involved with helping the charity alongside my studies!

I don’t have first-hand experience regarding learning disabilities, so Where I Want to Live has taught me so much over the few months and I am still learning by the day. It was very eye opening when I explored the demographics! Whilst doing my research, it struck me that there are many young people with learning disabilities in England, who are the same age as me and they don’t seem to have freedom of choice about where and how they live. This got me asking: if I can have freedom and a choice, why can’t people with learning disabilities have the same opportunity? I believe these conversations should be happening more openly and discussed freely. In my mind, it is clear that Where I Want to Live is such a worthy charity because it is aimed at helping people my age and I can imagine what it would feel like not to have choices. I would find that so difficult… I really don’t think it would work for me! Therefore, I am proud to volunteer for the charity in achieving the aim and purpose by giving young people with a learning disability a choice on how and where they want to live.

As Louise mentioned in last week’s blog, the charity focuses on providing resources that will empower each young person with a learning disability. This is so that in the future they will be able to express their wishes for where and how they live and find a clear route to get there.

We are looking for more people to get involved in. We would love to hear from you so together we can help the dreams of young adults with learning disabilities come true!

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